About Us

Learn the moment of peace in the beautiful underwater world

Started and run by Archana Sardana, a member of professional Association of Diving Instructors, USA, national Adventure Foundation, Disabled Divers International and Adventure Tour Operators of India with the aim of training people to become a professional in the diving world and encouraging everyone who have the same amount of zeal to be a professional scuba driver.

The way diving changed Archana’s life, we at Archana Sardana Scuba Diving Academy aims to bring a change upon your life by providing you correct training, experiences with the right equipment.
Utilising the industry’s highest calibre Instructors and Divemasters, we maintain a learning environment that benefits the best to our students who are equally passionate about oceans and the environment.

Training to various countries like Bali, Thailand, Malaysia, Srinlanka, Maldives and more, we help you understand and learn to get the most out of diving, and get the confident and comfort with the training to the underwater world.

Mission Statement

Aiming to provide highest level customer service experience through well-educated staff and individual attention. We are dedicated and take responsibility towards the conservation of marine environments.

Get Trained Because

Compared with getting started in other popular adventure sports and outdoor activities learning to dive isn’t expensive. You can expect to pay about the same as you would for:

      a full day of surfing lessons

      a weekend of rock climbing lessons

      a weekend of kayaking lessons

      about three hours of private golf lessons

      one amazing night out at the pub!

Investing in scuba diving is something that you’ll enjoy and cherish for the rest of your life. Learning to dive is a great value when you consider that your PADI Instructor is a highly trained and experienced professional, which is exactly what you want.

What are you waiting for?  Come and join us diving NOW!

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